Auld Lang Syne

Happy New Year! 

We had an exceedingly tough 2021, and yet we still have so much to be grateful for.

Our country nearly fell into revolution and remains deeply, bitterly divided, and we, and the world, are seeing more and more far-right suspicion, racism, misogyny, homophobia, and hatred arise. Miss Rona, the deadly global pandemic, continued, seemingly unabated. Susan and I sold our forever home, moved across the country, and bought a new home with my sister-in-law. Our beloved MauMau passed, I turned 50, my brother beat cancer, and we survived a massive home renovation (a near thing. trust.). A dear friend lost her mom, another is divorcing, several have/had the Rona, and we nearly lost my Pop. There’s more, but, well…

Finally, we awoke in our own bed, in our own home, for the first time, this morning, the first of January, 2022. This … means more than you can probably know. It was so peaceful, finally. 

And then the donkey at the farm across the pond started braying, and I had to laugh, and take it as “welcome, and happy new year,” and not – oh shit, what’d we just get ourselves into. 

Life is so wild: it’s hilarious and awful and fragile and terrifying and so beautiful.  

We’ve been reminded over and over again that family – the family you’re born with and the family you choose – is the single most important thing. Full stop. And that safety – financial, physical, emotional, is absolutely paramount. I hope – no, I know – we’ve comforted and aided loved ones in need, in terror, in grief. I know, too, I’ve pushed too hard and been too harsh, in my own fear and dread. I have tried, and failed, and tried again. I have offended, and I have been offended. And I have forgiven, and, I hope, been forgiven.

I’ve spent this holiday (oh, ok this year. whatever.) with my heart in my throat, but I’m – and we’re – (mostly) ok. I hope you are -at least mostly- ok, too. If you’re reading this, please never forget that –no matter what– you matter, that you are worthy of love, and that I hope you’re safe.

May 2022 help heal us; may it serve sweetness, bring much beauty, offer inspiration, bestow blessings, present prosperity, grant good health, cause deep, cleansing laughter, offer peace, and show kindness, to us all. 



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