About Jenn

One might caption me Productivity Hacker, Kitten Herder, Bon Vivant.
As one amazing designer colleague put it, “You’ve spent years translating from crazy designers and developers into language that normal people understand. You’re the Jane Goodall of tech!”

Seasoned professional in program management, account development and client relationship management. Generalist. Savvy social maven, startup and agency veteran. Deep experience in interactive advertising, relationship marketing, web and mobile applications. Diversity & Inclusion promoter.

Event management, Social Media, Non-profit, Mobile Apps and Sites, Pharmaceutical and Automotive Industries, Direct Marketing, Interactive Marketing, Relationship Management, Project Management, Marketing.

I’m well-versed in going fast yet tightly managing costs; in wearing multiple hats; in being scrappy, yet sophisticated. I write creative briefs, I write ad copy, I edit copy, I even write poetry. I direct teams from 1-100s who design and develop promotions, products, applications and more.

Massachusetts Resident / California Born / Hawaiian at Heart
Former Eichler Owner
50! Sassy. Red. Activist. Philanthropist. Mentor. Humanist. Spiritual Atheist.
Not a cat person per se, but definitely a loving Cat Mama.
Traveler. Foodie. Wine Connoisseur. Conscious Consumer.
Music, Art, Film & Poetry Enthusiast.
Givelocity Co-founder // Startup enthusiast.


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