25 random facts about me you might otherwise never know:

1. I learned to read by reading the WSJ aloud for my (nearly blind) grandfather. No shit.

2. I am an obsessive green freak. With a few glaring exceptions.

3. I count constantly. Like the beats in a measure or a sentence. Completely random. For that matter, I’m seriously OCD about certain things, but not others.

4. Indie. Foreign. Drama. Bollywood. Screwball comedy.

5. I’m terrified of heights, but I’ve been skydiving, hiked dizzying trails, visited the tops of the WTC, Empire State Building, Eiffel Tower…..

6. I was born a ginger.

7. I took typing in school. On a manual typewriter. Aced it.

8. I have a terrible memory for facts. It’s a problem. But not for birthdays or other personal events.

9. Required element: water. Restores my soul.

10. Californian, born and bred. Hawaiian at heart.

11. Lived in Europe in college. Been around the world. So much more to experience.

12. Heroes: women. Strong, wise, steady, musical, warm, funny, classy. Too numerous to mention.

13. I am a classically trained pianist, but I lost my nerve over 30 years ago.

14. I love punk rock, pop, jazz, ragtime, blues. Music is my beginning and my ending. And everything in between. Without it, life’s just not worth living. (I ❤ my Sonos!)

15. I love the beach. I love the concrete jungle. I love the woods, too. Suburbia … well, we’re on speaking terms.

16. Favorite sound? Children’s laughter. Followed closely by bells.

17. I don’t make promises. But I’m a woman of my word.

18. Was almost a lit major. Dunno what happened there. I love words – poetry, songs, you name it – so much.

19. Jesus. How many more of these? Srsly – I’m an introvert. I feel naked already. #INFJ

20. Speaking of JC, I don’t believe. I’ve tried, but to quote Pedro, I don’t need them damn curses. I alternatingly admire and despise believers. I respect the universe.

21. Art deco, pop surrealism, japanese woodblocks.

22. Biggest fear? Incapacitation.

23. Patience is a constant battle for me – but life seems to be winning the war. My biggest goal is contentment.

24. I am a classic crab.

25. Love: unconditional or not at all. Gratitude: always.