it’s not a bucket list, per se. some of these are habits or attitudes, some are just for fun, none are platitudes. some i left off because they’re too personal, and i believe in keeping some mystery in a life. but these are all things that at some level really mean something to me, even if only to make me laugh. make of them what you will – it’s not about you.

then why share? because you might find it telling, fun, or even inspiring. because if i tell you, then it obligates me to at least try, and makes it harder to resort to excuses. better make it count!

here goes…

See Colbert tape his show
See Craig Ferguson tape his Late Late Show

Journey with my love to:

Eat at:
Ad Hoc for Fried Chicken First Monday
Chez Panisse

get a bike
get open water certified
go rock climbing (indoors?)
try the flying trapeze
learn to do a handstand without a wall
get back on the slopes
learn to surf
deepen my yoga practice

experience a concert as a VIP
visit more museums. more often
catch more live shows
indulge my love of art and design

Live internationally
Spend a year in Europe
Italy / Spain / France /…
Do Bali, Fiji, Tahiti / Bora Bora
Sail the Caribbean
Keep a home in Hawaii

publish a poem or 3
build stuff
design a mixed media piece
pick up the cello again
finally memorize that piano piece (it knows which one it is)
get my next tattoo that i’ve already designed
take a class cultivating creativity (art/music/language/etc)

give blood quarterly
give more

treat my love and me to a spa weekend
get back to the beach much, much more often

a bit esoteric
beat the keloids
purge. cabinets/soul/diet
make healthier choices in life/finance/diet
save that fuck-you money
own a home outright
buy a house
consume less
move (my ass) more
employ the golden rule universally
step away from the internets more often

even more esoteric
remember to exhale
be more graceful
make time to meditate
take time to think
deepen my family/friend connections
share more
capture more moments
get inspired
take more vacation
quit worrying
trust myself


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